Innovative Learning


Innovative Learning Environments

At St Joseph’s we pride ourselves as being a school that meets the needs of all learners through innovative and personalised learning. Through collaboration, innovation and the use of flexible furniture and effective teaching practices we are making a difference in the lives of our students.

This is enabled through:

  • Learning spaces that are co-designed to meet the needs of the learners in the space;
  • Flexible furniture that can be moved easily and allows for student interest and learning styles;
  • Research based decision making and inquiry learning;
  • Fostering the work of our Teachers who Co-Plan, Co-Teach Co-Debrief and Co-Reflect to ensure that best practice is adopted and that change occurs where it is required.

We put our learners first.

Better Together Parent Partnership Program

St Joseph’s Primary School is blessed to be working in partnership with Janita Thompson from the Catholic Schools Office and Dr George Otero from the Centre for Relational Learning in New Mexico. As a part of the Better Together Program we are working with students, staff and families to engage in conversations to strengthen the Family-School partnerships that already exist and look for new ways to engage all members of our community. At St Joseph’s we believe we are Better Together.